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Snoring - don't let it destroy your relationship!

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Snoring is more than an annoying embarrassment, it is a serious problem that affects the health and happiness of the snorer as well as those they love.
Basically, you should definitely buy this. It's so much cheaper and easier than a divorce.

source : Scott Battersby, renowned self-quoter, 2004

How to snore

airway-normal airway-snoring

The pictures give you a bit of an idea. The noise comes from some part of the airway flapping about as the beloved snorer sucks air into their lungs. It's actually a bit more complicated than what the pictures show... click "Find out more" to see some videos.

How to stop snoring

Good options

Mandibular advancement devices

Some types of surgery

CPAP machines

Stay off the booze

OK options

Anti inflammatory medications

Change your sleeping position

Lose weight

Specific physical exercises

Tongue pullers

Kind of silly options

Some types of surgery

Accupressure rings

Things that hurt you if you snore


Snorer's Friend ®

The Snorer's Friend® is worn in the mouth while sleeping, and holds the snorer's lower jaw in a forward extended position. This moves the base of the tongue away from the back of the airway and the soft palate, removing the obstruction and restoring quiet breathing.


Is this legit?

Yep, it is.

I've been making and selling the Snorer's Friend ® since 2004.

There's about an 80% chance this will work for you.

If it doesn't stop your snoring on the very first night please contact me. I'll ask you a few questions, because there might be some adjustments I can get you to make to the Snorer's Friend to

Snorer's Friend® is manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia


ADL resources Pty Ltd, ACN 131 829 662, as trustee for

ADL resources Trust, ABN 84 801 281 648


If you're dubious, you're welcome to call me.

0407 712 883 My name is Scott and that's my personal mobile.

Call any time you like. If it's after midnight or before 6am I am unlikely to answer but there's no harm in trying :)


How can I get one?

You can buy a Snorer's Friend right now using a credit card or Paypal. Click through on "Buy now!" for details.

All orders get free shipping by Express Post!

Orders received before 4pm each day will be shipped that day. You'll be emailed a tracking number for your express shipment as soon as we receive your order. So if you order now, your Snorer's Friend will probably be in your hands tomorrow!

You can also pay by credit card over the phone if you like. Phone 1800 726 889 and speak with Scott or Nathalie.