How to NOT snore

Good options

a blue check mark a blue check mark Mandibular advancement devices

a blue check mark a blue check mark Some types of surgery

a blue check mark a blue check mark CPAP machines

a blue check mark a blue check mark Stay off the booze

OK options

a blue check mark Anti inflammatory medications

a blue check mark Change your sleeping position

a blue check mark Lose weight

a blue check mark Specific physical exercises

a blue check mark Tongue pullers

Silly options

a red cross Other types of surgery

a red cross Accupressure rings

a red cross Things that hurt you if you snore

a red cross Magnets


There are some surgeries that can stiffen the walls of the airway. This can be done by attacking you with lasers or other burny things to cause scarring of the airway walls. This makes them less floppy and can stop them collapsing. It's also possible removal of fat from the area (by surgery) can make the airway larger and thus less likely to collapse. Exercise can strengthen the muscles that support the airway which can also help. Becoming younger can also help... as people age muscle tone naturally decreases, meaning that the airway becomes more likely to collapse. So on your next birthday cake, try removing a candle instead of adding one. That should help a lot.

Non surgical

There is also a nifty feature in humans that can be exploited to stop snoring. We have the ability to protrude our mandibles - in other words, we can move our jaws so that our chins poke out. Most people can move their chin at least 1cm forward. This is handy, because moving the mandible forward moves the base of the tongue forward too, which increases the size of the airway. This makes the collapse we talked about above much less likely, and in fact it can completely stop snoring in most humans! Yay! Now you just need to make sure the snorer remembers to keep their chin forward while they sleep.

Surgical options

Laser treatment

Here a laser is used to remove some tissue and also scar the remaining tissue, which makes it stiffer and less likely to collapse.

laser treatmemt series : before treatment

Pre surgery

laser treatmemt series : immediately after treatment

Immediately after surgery

laser treatmemt series : few days later

Few days later

laser treatmemt series : few months later

Few months later