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Starter Pack


Snorer's Friend
Starter Pack


a blue checkmark 2 x Snorer's Friend mouthguards

a blue checkmark 2 x wooden spatulas for fitting

a blue checkmark a storage case

a blue checkmark a detailed instruction sheet

a blue checkmark a 100% unlimited money back guarantee


Bulk Pack

a mouthpiece a mouthpiece a mouthpiece a mouthpiece a mouthpiece

Snorer's Friend - Mouthpiece Only - x5

(Wooden spatulas for fitting and instructions are included)


a blue checkmark Best option for repeat customers.

a red cross No money back guarantee.

If you're not a repeat customer (or haven't successfully used a similar device before) I think you'll be a lot better off with the Starter Pack. If you buy the Bulk Pack, you won't get the nifty storage case. You also won't get a refund if the Snorer's Friend doesn't work for you. You'll also miss out on all the help I freely give to Starter Pack customers - namely unlimited personal help by phone or email to get the device working, and free replacement mouthpieces if you have any moulding problems, or need to experiment with different jaw positions. It's up to you though. I can't realistically check who's eligible for the Bulk Pack and who's not. But if you buy the Bulk Pack and it doesn't work out, please don't be too sad.